Equipment procedures, and training for fire safety

Systems for fire detection and warning

Fire detection and warning system are required. Depending on the type of building and the work done within, different detectors may be required.

Firefighting apparatus

The location of your firm determines the types of equipment you’ll require. You’ll need to have any equipment installed, tested, and maintained properly, as well as train your personnel on how to utilize it if necessary. One of the most commonly installed pieces of equipment are fire extinguishers, whether its a co2 fire extinguisher, powder or any other of the fire extinguishers which all depend on what type of fire could occure on the premises.

Testing and maintenance

You must frequently check to ensure that:

  • All of the fire alarm systems are operational.
  • You document any failures in systems and equipment, and you make sure that all escape routes are clear and that the floor is in good condition.
  • All fire exits are easily accessible, and automated fire doors close properly.
  • Fire exit signage is in the proper location.

Drills and training for fires

When new employees begin working, you must teach them and inform all employees of any new fire hazards.

Every year, you should conduct at least one fire drill and keep track of the outcomes. The results must be kept in your fire safety and evacuation plan.

Penalties, appeals, and enforcement

Your local fire and rescue authority pays a visit to the property to ensure that the fire risk assessment and fire protection measures are up to par. Fire safety officers should assist you in understanding and following the requirements.

They can also intervene if they believe your fire safety measures are insufficient. They might, for example, send out an informal note recommending safety precautions.

They may also issue a formal fire safety notice to you. They’ll explain how to resolve the issues raised in the notification.

Notice of Prohibition

If the fire and rescue authority believes the fire danger is so significant that entry to your property must be prevented or restricted, they take effect immediately.

A notice of enforcement

If the fire and rescue authority discovers a significant risk that isn’t being managed, you could be served with an enforcement notice. It will state when and what improvements are required.