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In the Workplace, fire safety is important

Plans for fire protection and evacuation

Your strategy must demonstrate how you’ve:

  1. a clear path to all exit routes clearly defined escape routes that are as quick and direct as feasible enough exits and ways for everyone
  2. To escape emergency doors that open quickly emergency illumination
  3. where needed training for all employees to know and use the escape routes
  4. a secure gathering place for employees

Individuals with mobility issues

You should also take special precautions for those with mobility issues, such as ensuring that someone is there to assist wheelchair users in getting downstairs in the event of a fire.

Programs for Firefighters

Municipalities, areas without municipal organization, and aboriginal settlements receive support and guidance from Fire Protection Services to help them enhance their fire protection services based on local needs and circumstances.

Fire Protection Services is based in Toronto and has three regional offices in Midhurst, Sudbury, and Thunder …